Top-Cousins Oy is a Finnish family company, which has more than 30 years of experience specializing in the design, manufactured in and imported to ergonomic furniture and aids. Our products are suitable for offices, schools and homes.

Our product range consists of own innovative products, supplemented by other manufacturers high quality products. Functional and solid cooperation with work place health care professionals has helped us develop new products to prevent stress injuries and RSI caused by terminal work. Our goal is to provide good and reliable products and solutions to prevent these injuries and symptoms. Our products are recommended by work place health care professionals and represent a safe and ergonomic working environment 2020 century.

Good ergonomics increases operational efficiency, fluidity, safety and welfare at work!


Our vision is to maintain and improve individual as well as society's health and act as a pioneer in ergonomic solutions provider to diverse operating environments. We want to be a trendsetter towards a healthier world for future generations.


To bring the ergonomic and practical wellness solutions accessible to all operating environments and to ensure accountability of production and product safety.

Top-Cousins values

We Discuss, We Develop, We Take Care Of

People - to discuss in cooperation with customers and health professionals, so that we are able to produce well-being for the individual, communities and society

Products - we develop innovative wellness solutions, quality, practicality and safety without compromising

Welfare - we want to take care of:

You: your well-being sustaining and enhancing products

Society: the prosperous individuals are building a prosperous society

Environment: responsible production and a growing selection of products produced in Finland or countries close to Finland