Frame - Natural Birch

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  • Stylish ergonomic working and storage solution as part of home décor
  • Productivity to your workday, happiness to your spare time
  • Made in Finland from sustainable and durable materials
  • Three height- and depth-adjustable work / storage levels
  • Legs are made of Finnish white lacquered solid birch
  • Frame and levels are made of Finnish white lacquered birch plywood

Open cabinet, which is also a workstation. The product combines home and remote working in a completely new way. Here you can surround yourself with your favorite objects or plants while still doing work tasks. The Frame has movable levels in two different depths that you can customize, decorate and bring objects close to you.

Frame is a transformable working and storage solution. Adjust the levels to a height that suits you and work at the Frame or store your favorite items in it. Pull the work surface out slightly and get closer to the surface, improving ergonomics. You can work while sitting and standing in front of the Frame.

The legs are white lacquered solid birch and the frame and levels are white lacquered birch plywood. Durable and sustainable materials guarantee a long life for the product.

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